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We are honored to have been featured by BookLife and Publisher’s Weekly in their February issue for our children’s book, “If I Had A Spaceship…”

As an independent publishing company, we are extremely proud to see any of our hard work pay off. “If I Had A Spaceship…” was our first story and we poured our hearts, souls, and imaginations into it. We were lucky to work with an exceptional illustrator, and each time we see our book, we feel a sense of joy. And we are excited to see others love our story as well.

If I Had A Spaceship front cover

BookLife is a supporter of indie publishers and authors, like us. They allow authors to promote, create, and manage their books with its platform. We were excited to reach out to them with a copy of our book to see their thoughts on the story. We were beyond pleased to see their thoughts on the story we so lovingly put together.

An interstellar romp through imaginative planets and galaxies.

– BookLife Review
storyboard sketches from If I Had A Spaceship...

Here is the review in full:

Authors Z.N. and Nelson follow their Nano Adventures series with a fanciful interstellar journey brimming with color, creativity, and fun. The story centers on a young, unnamed narrator daydreaming about the possibilities that would exist if they owned a spaceship—a spaceship that could transport them to faraway, magical lands where there are no chores and no one to tell them what to do. As they ponder the opportunities that spaceship would provide, their fantasy surges, taking them to multiple planets, real and imaginary, on an intergalactic display of iridescent scenery, mind-boggling creatures, and more.

Though the storyline is simple, this cosmic adventure delivers plenty of fun—and room for kids to stretch their imagination muscles. The narrator zooms through “planets where the snow is purple, and rivers flow with diamonds” and a slew of unusual worlds full of interesting people, including new friends with elephant trunks instead of arms and racecar wheels in place of legs. The locales they visit are a child’s playful vision of cosmic wonders and interstellar life: meatball marina asteroids, comets that have string cheese tails, and imaginary towns that use stinkbugs to collect their garbage, while their children play on bridges built from swings.

The book’s illustrations match the frenetic, multihued pace of the story, splashing each page with brilliant, jeweled tones and kaleidoscopic galaxies. A luscious caramel waterfall takes center stage on an ice cream planet, and on the “planet where everyone has three eyes,” a local devises a secret handshake and plays epic space games with the story’s narrator. The authors close with a message as striking as the narrator’s stellar travels: “At the end of the day, the best place to go in a spaceship, is right back home. To my own room, with my own family, on my own planet.”

You can find the full review on BookLife or on Publisher’s Weekly with a subscription. A subscription to Publisher’s Weekly not only opens your world up to more amazing books, but supports authors like us who are working hard to write and tell more engaging stories.

Get your copy of If I Had A Spaceship… on our website in digital or audio formats. Or buy the hardcover on Amazon or Target. And please explore our Nano Adventures series for more family-friendly fun.

We look forward to sharing more stories – and hopefully positive reviews – with you soon!

This author would like to note she does wish they had written my pen name as it is preferred – Nanci Z. N. – and not just my last initials. However, my name is in my company and I cannot be upset with such a positive review!

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